Representatives from the following National Cancer Centers in Asia (hereinafter referred as “the Parties”),

Deeply concerned about the growing cancer threat to the Asian people due to the rapid aging and high smoking rate of the population in the region,

Mindful of the Asia’s higher prevalence of such types of cancer as stomach, lung, liver, and uterine cervix,

Recognizing that a wide range of cooperative activities are necessary among the Parties to prevent, early detect and effectively treat cancer, and also to promote the quality of life and palliative care for cancer patients and their families,

Holding the first meeting of the Asian National Cancer Centers Alliance (ANCCA) consisting of the nine representatives of the Parties at the National Cancer Center, Korea

Have agreed as follows:
1. The Parties will collaborate to promote the following cooperative activities:
   (a) exchanging information on cancer;
   (b) enhancing collaboration on cancer research;
   (c) sharing training materials and clinical guidelines on cancer;
   (d) promoting advocacy activities for cancer prevention;
   (e) holding joint meetings periodically;
   (f) collaborating with WHO and IARC
2. The Parties, recognizing the addictive, toxic and carcinogenic characteristics of tobacco use, will designate all National Cancer Centers as a smoke-free area and also collaborate to have their governments adopt legislative measures ultimately banning the cultivation, manufacturing, importation, exportation, and sale of all forms of tobacco products.
3. This agreement will come effective on the date of signature
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned have signed this agreement. Done at Seoul on the sixth day of September, 2005.
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