Lyon Declaration
Oct 25, 2005


1. As members of leading cancer centres, engaged in cancer research and patient care, we are acutely aware of the dominant role of tobacco use, in all its forms, as the major determinant in many populations of a) the risk of developing and dying from cancer and b) premature death.
2. The importance of Tobacco Control is paramount as far as health of individuals and populations is concerned. It has been estimated that one billion people will die this century as a result of their tobacco usage unless effective action is taken on Tobacco Control.
3. There are enormous challenges involved in Tobacco Control including economic, social, cultural and psychological barriers which must be addressed as we move to the elimination of tobacco. It is essential that plans be developed which will take all these factors into account.


4. Recognising the proven addictive, toxic and carcinogenic characteristics of tobacco in every form in which it is used, every Cancer Centre, and its environs, should be designated a tobacco-free area.
5. 5. Directors of Cancer Centres should actively persuade Governments to:
  • Achieve the goals of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control;
  • Reduce the consumption of tobacco products in their country;
  • Adopt legislative measures to discourage the cultivation, manufacture, importation, exportation and sale of all forms of tobacco products, ultimately leading towards a ban on tobacco.
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