National Cancer Center, Korea
No Smoking Building- Presidential Office
Tobacco Tax Increase
Ban on Sale of Cigarettes in Korea
No Smoking Scenes on TV Dramas
No Smoking Building, National Assembly
Anti-Smoking Resolution, Medical Associations
No Pictures of Smoking in Newspapers
Appreciation Plaques to the Presidents of Mass Media
No Duty-Free Cigarettes, Ministry of National Defense

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Proposed a Ban on the Sale of Cigarettes in Korea

June 20, 2001

Jae-Gahb Park, president of National Cancer Center proposed to
Dae-Jung Kim, president of Korea to consider the advance notice of legislation
to stop selling tobacco within 10-15 years in Korea

Opening Ceremony of National Cancer Center

JG Park proposed to former President Dae-Jung Kim to consider initiating legislation to prohibit the sale of cigarettes on January 20, 2001.

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